We would like to present You a most common questions from our clients, with Kate’s Cleaning Services answers. What we do, how we do it, how often You should call us or how can You prevent some dirts or devastations – everything is here. We’ve added also a question about complaints, just in case. Actually, we’ve never had one. And we are really proud of it!

It depends on some factors, like type of material, size of the cleaning surface, room temperature and degree of soiling. The average washing time of medium carpet is around 30 minutes.

It depends mostly on the room temperature and ventilation. Approximate time is around 7 hours.

Yes, it’s possible, but it may involve some additional fee.

No – we use only certified chemicals that meet high standards. Sometimes there just appear stains that can’t be removed due to the quality and previous treatment of the carpet.

You can prevent mite infestation by regular vacuuming, cleaning and disinfecting your carpets, mattresses and beddings. You can also wash your pillows in special chemical laundries and clean the bed storage box. Mite-killing chemicals also help.

Once in 2-3 months because of the cycle of the mite female. Regular cleaning will help to prevent the larva incubation.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Complaints are accepted over the e mail info@katescleaning.co.uk. Complaints must be reported on completion or in the following 48-hour. Kate’s Cleaning Services will not accept a complaint based on an inventory check report, filed more than 48-hour after the cleaning session. Kate’s Cleaning Services may take up to 7 working days to respond to a complaint.